Special Products & fabrications

At Thermo Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we keep customer satisfaction at priority and to achieve that we design,develop and manufacture products as per customer requirement as and when required. We have best state-of-art set up for special fabrications, Stator Frames too. We design and manufacture special types of Bearing Guide Coolers, Special Shell & Tube Type Oil Coolers, LP Heaters, Special Heat-Exchangers for Sugar Industries and we have furnished various types of special fabrications also with good product quality to meet customer requirement.





Tranformer Tanks, Electric motors and Generator stator frames are manufactured as per customer requirments and specifications.

Thermo Engineers Pvt Ltd.has a special heavy fabrication wing setup for our valued customers which caters their heavy fabrication needs. This facility is equipped and specialised in heavy fabricated items such as stator frames for motors, transformer tanks, stator frames for generators etc. The facility is well equipped with latest and high end CNC machines for cutting, drilling, welding and various other operations.

We have Special Fabrication Facility to manufacture and supply all type of industrial components, Heat Exchangers casings and Special Fabrication Components specifically required to cater needs of Furnace Industry.


These systems have many benefits which could be direct or indirect.

Direct benefits: The recovery process will add to the efficiency of the process and thus decrease the costs of fuel and energy consumption needed for that process. Indirect benefits o Reduction in Pollution: Thermal and air pollution will dramatically decrease since less flue gases of high temperature are emitted from the plant since most of the energy is recycled. o Reduction in the equipment sizes: As Fuel consumption reduces so the control and security equipment for handling the fuel decreases. Also, filtering equipment for the gas is no longer needed in large sizes. o Reduction in auxiliary energy consumption: Reduction in equipment sizes means another reduction in the energy fed to those systems like pumps, filters, fans, etc.


We give prime importance to the quality of product supplied. Our product undergoes various tests during and after manufacturing process.
1. Dimensional check
2. NDT Testing (DP Test)
3. Pneumatic Testing
4. Hydraulic Testing
5. Paint Thickness
6. and Paint Adhesion Test


We believe that issue can be pointed out by any but trouble shooting is the skill of technical expert. If any issue at site our technically sound service engineers are always ready to support our valued customers.