List Of Testing Equipments

Equipments Make Capacity
Digital Anemometer (Model-AM-4208) MEXTECH -
Digital Differential Pressure Gauge (Model HTC PM-6205) Charun inst. 0 to 5psi
Digital Paint Thickness Gauge (Model-CM-8821) MEXTECH 0-1000μm
Ultra Violet Light Source for Welding Check, (Model-Vector V-100F) Vector NDT 5000μwatts
Surface Profile Guage (Dial lndicator) Mitutoyo 0-1000 μ
Viscometer (Analog) as per IS 3944-B4 - Ø 8"
Pressure Gauge - 0 To 500Kg/cm2
Digital Coating Thickness Meter Mextech 0 To 1000 Μ
Digital Vernier Caliper Aerospace 0-200 Mm
Vernier Caliper Aerospace 0-300 Mm
Digital Flow Meter Aerospace -